the witcher Series

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the launch of the original game, we flew to Warsaw for 10 days to conduct over a dozen interviews with the people behind the design of The Witcher franchise.

In tackling a project of this size we decided to focus down on a number of stories. The first two videos chart the rise of CD Projekt from the ashes of Soviet Poland, and include nostalgic tales of the development of the first two games.

The next three videos in the series dive into what we felt were the most uniquely interesting parts of the game's development; it's world-building, the design of it's quests and the crazy length the team go to to localize the game for other markets. Finally, the fourth video in the series is a pick & mix of many other elements that were crucial to the game's success; music, combat design, cinematics, Gwent, and much more.

Time: August, 2017

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Series Videos:
The Story of CD Projekt - Witcher Documentary
Remembering The Witcher 1 & 2 - Noclip Documentary
Designing The World of The Witcher 3 - Noclip Documentary
The Quests of Wild Hunt - Witcher Documentary
Found in Translation - Witcher Documentary
Devil's in the Detail (Combat, Gwent & More) - Witcher Documentary

Production Credits: Jeremy Jayne

The Witcher PAX West PANEL

Join Danny O'Dwyer and a host of CD Projekt developers are they celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Witcher game series. Recorded live at PAX West 2017.


[PAX West - Main Theater - Noon on Sunday] Join Noclip as we host a special panel celebrating the 10th Anniversary of The Witcher game series. With behind the scenes videos, early footage of Noclip's upcoming miniseries and a live panel of CD Projekt veterans,  this is a must-see panel for any fan of The Witcher. 


In the opening episode of our six-part series on The Witcher, we talk to Marcin Iwiński about life in socialist Poland, the business of games distribution and the founding of CD Projekt. Our work is 100% crowdfunded.