why Become a patron?

Noclip is entirely funded through the support of our fans and community. We do this to ensure we do not feel the corrosive effects of advertising while creating our content. This freedom allows us to fairly report on the games we investigate while creating a stable, long-term business model. 

What do we spend the money on?

  • Flights - We fly all around the world with loads of equipment. It's fun but expensive.
  • Accommodation - Hotel, Airbnb, a stranger's floor. We've done them all.
  • Crew - Camera operators, motion graphics designers, colorists and more.
  • Artists - We hire artists to create music & art for our docs. 
  • Running Costs - Internet. Electricity. Food. Uncle Sam's cut.
  • Equipment - Cameras, lenses, HDDs, lights, stands, microphones, drones!
  • Living Expenses -  Rent, food, kitty litter, health insurance.


If patronage isn't for you, we also take open donations. Click here.