Time: November 2018

Location: New York City, New York


Our first doc by producer Esteban Martinez focuses on the life and career of fighting-game-community streamer and professional broadcaster Victor "Spooky" Fontañez. As both a lifelong fan of the FGC, a talented solo producer, and a fellow Peurto-Rican American, this was a story that only Esteban could have tackled. Charting Spooky’s rise from organizing tournaments on street corners in NYC to playing his part in the biggest event on the FGC calendar, “STAY FREE” is a terrific example of the multitude of interesting stories that exist across the games industry.

Production Credits: Esteban Martinez

STAY FREE: The Team Spooky Story


Victor "Spooky" Fontañez used to spend his weekends running fighting game tournaments on the literal streets of New York City. In this documentary we explore his rise to prominence and the pivotal role of the Fighting Game Community in the rise of video game live streaming.