Time: March, 2017

Location: San Francisco, USA

Series Videos:
Spelunky - Noclip Documentary [58:37]

Spelunky is a game that gets people talking. Since the original freeware version appeared in 2008, players have been sharing stories, tactics and rumors about the depths of this game's mystery. In some ways, the story of Spelunky has been told many times over - even the game's designer Derek Yu has written a book about it - so it was a challenge to come up with an interesting way to tell this tale.

The first half of the documentary focuses on the humble origins of the team, the tangled web of life that pulled them apart and brought them together, while the second half of the doc was edited to feel like a water-cooler conversation about the game. We jump from topic-to-topic and person-to-person, chatting about everything from favorite weapons, hardest biomes, the enemies, damsels and more. For those who love the game, it's a fun ride through the various flavors that come together to form Spelunky. For those who haven't played it, hopefully it provides some insight into the slow creative process required to make such a consistent experience.

Production Credits: Jeremy Jayne


spelunky - noclip documentary

For almost a decade players have gleefully explored Spelunky's refined brand of player discovery and emergent gameplay. In this documentary, we talk to the game's creators about building the rules of its procedurally generated worlds.