Rediscovering Mystery


Why MAKE one doc...

when you can MAKE FIVE

Our forth project was an amalgamation of a number of ideas we had coming out of Rocket League and DOOM. First of all we wanted to shed some light on smaller games. Secondly, we wanted to construct a story around an aspect of games that would allow us to have several games in the conversation. And thirdly, we really wanted to talk about Spelunky, The Witness and Frog Fractions. The resulting project was a two month production odyssey which resulted in one umbrella doc, and four docs diving deeper into the games concerned.

Main Doc: Rediscovering Mystery

Frog Fractions 101

Frog Fractions 2

The Witness


Project Four took longer to create than we expected but the results helped to broaden the scope of Noclip as we finished up our first six months in operation.

Denis Walsh
April 13th, 2017