DOOM (2016)

Time: November, 2016

Location: Dallas, USA

Series Videos:
DOOM Resurrected [Part 1] - To Hell & Back [28:27]
DOOM Resurrected [Part 2] - Designing a First Impression [24:04]
DOOM Resurrected [Part 3] - Guns, Guitars & Chess on Mars [26:27]

Patron Exclusive Videos:
Behind the Scenes Feature [16:44]

The interviews for our first documentary (Rocket League) were filmed in a single day, so for our second series we double that! Yes, we spent two whole days filming in Texas for what became our most popular series of year one.

The story of DOOM 2016 was always going to have to include the story of the cancelled DOOM 4 and a lot of work went into trying to figure out the connective tissue between the two projects. We were fortunate that some of the team that worked on the old game were happy to answer my prying questions, while Hugo Martin served as the linchpin for the modern version. We also premiered the first and only gameplay footage of DOOM 4 ever shown.

Production Credits: Jeremy Jayne

[Part 1] - To Hell & BacK

In the first part of Noclip's dive into the development of DOOM, Danny speaks to the team at id Software about the history of the studio, the cancelled DOOM 4 project and how DOOM 2016 came to be. 

[Part 2] - Designing a First Impression

In part two of Noclip's look into the development of DOOM (2016) Danny analyzes the design of the game's opening level, and talks to Hugo Martin & Marty Stratton about the origin of the game's self-aware tone.

[Part 3] - Guns, Guitars & Chess on Mars

In our third and final video looking into the development of DOOM (2016) Danny talks to the team about designing combat chess, and chats to Mick Gordon about writing the game's incredible soundtrack. 

commission: Hellish Triptych Artwork

Uncompressed Version:
Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Full Triptych

We commissioned satanic artist Erica 'Aurahack' Lahaie to create some hellish art for our DOOM series. The result is this frankly outrageous triptych (or vertical tapestry of death as I like to call it) which details the major plot points of the game. She even broke it up into three smartphone friendly backgrounds. While the final image on the right is them all combined into a singular wallpaper of woe. We are absolutely getting this printed and mounted whenever we get a real office. Thanks so much Erica! Click the image to download the full version.