For our second documentary series, we traveled to Richardson, TX to talk to id Software about the development of DOOM (2016).

Our three part series uncovers the story behind the cancelled DOOM 4 project, and shows how the combat chess and self aware tone of DOOM (2016) were created.

We commissioned satanic artist Erica 'Aurahack' Lahaie to create some hellish art for our DOOM series. The result is this frankly outrageous triptych (or vertical tapestry of death as I like to call it) which details the major plot points of the game. She even broke it up into three smartphone friendly backgrounds. While the final image on the right is them all combined into a singular wallpaper of woe. We are absolutely getting this printed and mounted whenever we get a real office. Thanks so much Erica! Click the image to download the full version. 

Denis Walsh
February 19th, 2017