The witness

Time: March, 2017

Location: San Francisco, USA

Series Videos:
The Witness - Noclip Documentary [47:58]

Seeing as Indie Game: The Movie was such an inspiration to me, it was somewhat poetic to be able to sit down with Jonathan Blow and talk to him about his latest game The Witness. In fact, Jonathan sat in a chair in our rented art gallery for four hours and answered every question I had for him with consideration. A few times he asked for water. I think he took one break.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of those four hours (apart from talking about The Witness spoilers) was learning about all the bizarre projects he had worked on before Braid. I hadn't thought Jonathan the type of person who would want to create games about firing rockets at gigantic robot spiders.

We spoil quite a lot of The Witness is this doc, so we put another big fat spoiler warning at the top of the video. As such, the first week's traffic for this video was oddly spaced out, as people slowly had their fill of the game and consulted our video for design context.

Or at least that's what I like to think they were doing.

Production Credits: Jeremy Jayne


What lies at the heart of Jonathan Blow's island of mystery? We talk to the famed indie designer about how one of his earliest design ideas blossomed into The Witness.