Profile: john romero

Time: January, 2017

Location: Galway, Ireland

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John Romero's Irish Adventure - Noclip Profiles [43:44]

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Inside John Romero's Game Archive [26:39]

Meeting John Romero, the godfather of the first person shooter, was certainly on my shortlist of professional goals - but I never expected our first encounter would be on home turf.

John Romero, his wife (famed developer Brenda Romero) and their family now enjoy life in Galway City on Ireland's West Coast. Those halcyon id Software days are separated by decades of time and thousands of miles, but John's incredible memory brings them immediately back to life.

My conversation with John was a wonderful, time-hopping journey through his favorite old games, his time working on DOOM and his hopes and dreams for his new life in Ireland.

Production Credits: Jeremy Jayne

Trailer: John Romero's Irish Adventure

Noclip Profiles is our new series where we take a closer look at the lives of the people who play and make games. In our first Profile we talk to John Romero about his extraordinary career, his passion for independence, and his new life on the west coast of Ireland. The full feature will be live Tuesday, January 31st 2017 at noon Pacific. 

John Romero's Irish Adventure

In our first episode of Noclip Profiles we travel to Ireland to talk to John Romero about his incredible career making some of the most influential first person shooters of all time. We learn about his young passion for programming, the reasons he left id Software and what he hopes to achieve with his new life in Galway.