Horizon Zero Dawn

Time: September, 2017

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Horizon Zero Dawn Documentary - Noclip

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In November of 2017 we traveled to Amsterdam to spend two days with the studio responsible for one of Sony's longest running franchises; Killzone.

But we weren't there to talk to them about their famed space-Nazi series. We were there to discuss the creation of their new franchise; Horizon. A game that surprised the gaming world with it's fierce lead character, incredible world and cerebral combat. 

In our first full-length documentary project we analyze how a studio trained at making linear first-person-shooters pivoted to focus the team on an entirely new genre of game. 

Production Credits: Jeremy Jayne

The Making of Horizon Zero Dawn

How does a studio known for linear first person shooters design one of the most well regarded open world games of the generation on their first attempt? Noclip travels to Amsterdam to talk to Guerrilla about their epic journey bringing Horizon Zero Dawn to PlayStation 4.


Series Artwork

The wonderful artist Jeff Delgado created the Killzone/Horizon artwork featured in the documentary. You can download the full-res version of the file above by clicking here.