frog fractions 1 & 2

Time: March, 2017

Location: Oakland, USA

Series Videos:
FROG FRACTIONS 101  [27:19]

Jim Crawford is one of the most interesting people working in video games today. You can write off his games as doofy side-shows, but you'd be hard pressed to find more entertaining and well-designed doofy side-shows. 

In fact, the nature of Jim's subversion starts there. He wants you to think his games are dumb. Because in many ways they are the dumbest games you'll ever play. But whether he's making a multi-genre quest of obscurity masked as calculus edutainment, or a love-letter to games of yore hidden inside a faery city building sim, his dedication to ensuring the player has a fun ride has to be admired.

Unlike most of our documentaries, a lot of people went into this one not having played the games, so that allows us to tell a more traditional story about their creation and purpose. Unlike our The Witness doc, which skirts around the big reveal for a good half hour, there was no way of telling these stories without utterly ruining both games immediately, so we opted for a nice fat warning at the top of the video. Seeing people come back to the comments with joy after heeding our warning was incredibly satisfying. 

So if you haven't already, GO PLAY FROG FRACTIONS!

Production Credits: Jeremy Jayne

Frog Fractions 101

Our mystery series continues with a look at the flash game odyssey that is Frog Fractions. Before you watch, make sure you play Frog Fractions:

Frog Fractions 2:
The Most Absurd Game Ever Made

The development of Frog Fractions 2 is a uniquely absurd odyssey. We recommend you play the game before watching this ridiculous story.