Time: August 2018

Location: Los Angeles, California

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Y_D4kAmmMw

Our Dream Daddy doc was the first in which we used a guest host / producer and so we were delighted to join Alanah Pearce to the Noclip family while she was in between gigs at IGN and Rooster Teeth. In this doc she talks to the team about the history of Game Grumps and how the Dream Daddy project was pitched and executed. We got a lot of interesting insight into the struggles of a new development team to finish a project, the dangers of crunch, and the important message behind the game. Co-produced, as ever, by the tremendous Jeremy Jayne.

Production Credits: Jeremy Jayne, Alanah Pearce

How Game Grumps Created Dream Daddy


How does a popular gaming YouTube channel make the pivot to video games development? And why? Guest host Alanah Pearce visits the Game Grumps to uncover the unlikely story of Dream Daddy - the gay dad dating sim with a heart of gold.